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It is essential for every steel plant, rolling mill and foundry to have a trusted partner that is able to provide technical service and support to them. In the melt shop, roll shop and production floor of a foundry, the environment is harsh and severe, and equipment are subjected to extreme heat and dust. These will lead to equipment not working well, equipment failing. Even good quality equipment will run a risk of breaking down.

With our professional and competent team of engineers, metallurgists, support and collaboration with our partners, we are the RIGHT PARTNER for you.


For Steel plants and foundries:

  • Provide solutions for measurement system that will meet customers’ requirements.
  • Preventive Maintenance and calibration service of measurement systems.
  • Onsite troubleshoot for Heraeus Electro-Nite’s range of products.
  • Conduct onsite trials to evaluate quality of products
  • Conduct demo trials to assist customers in evaluating new products.
  • Onsite trials to evaluate recovery rate/ yield of Cored Wires.
  • In-depth discussion with customers to assist in solving problems in steel making and castings.
  • Carry out technical discussion with customers to assist in getting the right equipment and engineering spares.

For Rolling Mills:

  • Rolls inspection.
  • Analysis and evaluation of rolls failure.
  • In-depth discussion with customers for grade selection of rolls.
  • Carry out technical discussion with customers to assist in getting the right equipment and engineering spares.

Service not important? … Think Again

Case Study

The temperature measurement system is a “small” part inside a big steel plant but it is one of the most essential, fundamental, critical and “cannot do without” part of the whole steel making process. If the temperature measurement system is not working, the steel plant will not be able to produce good quality steel and in certain cases, “freezing” or break out at the CCM might occur and this will lead to damage to property and equipment and incur huge losses for the steel plant.

A medium size plant can produce about 1,000 MT of billets in one day and if the plant has to stop production because of a faulty temperature measurement system, the loss of revenue to the steel plant could amount to USD 500,000/day based on a price of USD 500/MT of billet.

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